What Does It Mean to Live?

What does it mean to live live to the fullest?

Freedom from Slavery

What does it mean? Some people say that to live life to the fullest is to go to medical school, have a high-paying job as a doctor, have prestige as a doctor, and save lives. That is a great mission, to help lives on a one on one basis. Some take it to the next step, which is, to get a PhD in order to do research and help people in an abstract way with new procedures and cures for medical procedures. Disclaimer: We are not here to ruin your dreams and how you view life as this way or that way. We are here to tell you what it means to you to live your life to the fullest.

Freedom from Old Habits

When you were fourteen years old, you most likely may have wanted to become an astronaut or a scientist. If you chose what you wanted to do when you were fourteen years, such as when you were a freshman in high school, then you may want to go back to when you were ten years old when you had many ideas floating around in your head. Many people wanted to be a doctor for a long, long time, and many others choose to become a superstar celebrity or pop singer, because they believe in their favorite pop singer. What happened to all these dreams and all these people? Where are all the pop stars and all the doctors? What happened to all the basketball stars and millionaire entrepreneurs? Did they all get abducted by aliens?


Turns out that a bunch of PhDs. jumped into the field and found out that many people give up their dreams, such as the PhDs themselves that chose to settle with a PhD, even when they wanted to become actors or movie stars. They say it is not “realistic” to acquire those dreams although they still play the lottery, even when the odds are worse than them getting into the NBA. Since the number is so big, they feel as though the number may land on them. Why do people look so depressed? They are depressed because they gave up on what made them happy. There is research on dogs about how animals can become depressed and not even seek to find a way out of their problems. Even when shocked, they stayed in their positions, essentially giving up on their dreams. We do not know what is more depressing: Chasing your dreams with the fear of failing, or succumbing to society and having your dream die in your face as you play safe with no chance of success while having a meager existence?

For us, we think the latter choice about living a meager existence is more depressing. Just like a monkey in its cage that is given food twice a day while there is a monkey in the wild that earns it existence, we would rather live in the jungle than to stay in the cage and be forced to live a meager existence. Sound familiar? It is called A JOB.